Maple Glazed Ham

Maple Glazed Ham – this is the ham coat you use when you need to add an exceptional touch to your bubbly heated ham! The most inconceivable tacky coating with the unpretentious scent of maple and trace of occasion flavors, this is THE Christmas Ham formula I make to present and take to get-togethers quite a long time after year.

Maple coated ham

There is no motivation to be plagued by the idea of making a coated ham! It’s very straight forward on the off chance that you have somebody to tell you the best way to do it.

(PS That “somebody” is me!)


Here’s the reason this Maple Glazed Ham is my go-to highlight for occasion menus:

  • It makes the most superb, great highlight – enormous result for exertion
  • This maple ham coat has a bit of uniqueness that individuals love – however it’s 100% dead simple
  • It’s okay and pardoning to make
  • Prep ahead or make ahead (many days ahead!)
  • Practical – it’s cut daintily, a piece goes far and extras keep going for a very long time and ages


With regards to ham, there’s nothing to the ham coat formula – it’s in a real sense stirring up a couple of fixings. The part that is not a regular advance is stripping the skin off – yet don’t stress, the visual advances and formula video beneath will control you through it. It is anything but a serious deal – the skin WANTS to fall off!


What goes in the Ham Glaze

This is what you need for the Maple Ham Glaze. So a couple of fixings, it’s mystical how it changes once prepared! It’s the mix of the coating, the caramelization of the fat on the outside of the ham, and the salt in the ham itself (which is the reason I don’t utilize any salt in the coating).

Maple syrup is the thing that gives this ham coat an extraordinary little touch. Nobody can place it – they simply know it has something mystical about it! Sub with nectar instantly! No maple or nectar? Make this Brown Sugar Ham Glaze!

Earthy colored sugar adds to the caramelized kind of the coating;

Dijon Mustard is a thickener for the ham coating AND adds a hint of much-required tang to a generally sweet coating;


Cinnamon and all zest for a few happy flavors;

Oranges – for a touch of fluid in the dish that is more intriguing than simply utilizing water, in addition to a hint of additional regular pleasantness. You can’t taste the oranges in the outcome once cooked. Squeezed orange has more flavor than simply utilizing water which adds to the kind of the coating and furthermore the sauce made utilizing the skillet drippings;


Cloves – discretionary, for studding! I truly can’t taste it so I do it for visual/customary purposes as it were. Likewise, they are somewhat unfeasible – you can’t uninhibitedly treat them as you need to touch around the cloves (else you get over them) and furthermore you need to eliminate them prior to cutting.

  • Nobody needs to chomp into a clove!
  • Instructions to make Glazed Ham
  • Making Glazed Ham is a 3 stage measure:
  • Eliminate (skin) from ham;
  • Slather with maple coat at that point prepare for 2 hours, seasoning with more coating each 20 to 30 minutes;
  • Season stacks in the wake of eliminating from broiler – the stunt for a thick, brilliant coating!
  1. Step by step instructions to REMOVE RIND FROM HAM

On the off chance that this is the part you’re stressed over – don’t be! The skin is thick, durable, and WANTS to fall off – so it strips off with little exertion, generally in one piece!

Here’s the way to eliminate the skin from the ham. The formula video underneath additionally gives a visual instructional exercise – and in case you’re new to making Glazed Ham, start here – > Guide: How to Make Glazed Ham.


  1. Treat AND BAKE

This part couldn’t be simpler – simply brush or spoon the Maple Ham Glaze everywhere on the ham, press over the squeezed orange then pops it into the broiler to prepare, spooning over saved coating at regular intervals or something like that!



Presently here’s the stunt for a mind-boggling coat on your ham – treat LOADS after it emerges from the broiler utilizing the sweet sauce in the preparing skillet! As that sweet sauce cools, it will thicken and obscure marginally in shading, so as you brush or spoon it over the ham, it makes an amazing thick incredible coating!


Sauce for Ham


While ham itself is prepared alright with the end goal that it very well may be eaten plain, no one actually denies sauce!

I used to serve ham with sauces like Cranberry Sauce, mustard, caramelized onion jam, and even chutney. In any case, at that point one day it occurred to me – the special one section is the coating. Why not simply utilize the skillet drippings which is only the abundance coat that trickles down the ham into the container? Joined with the ham juices and squeezed orange, it changes into a fabulous sauce to shower over the ham!

The most effective method to serve ham

Here’s the manner by which I serve ham – truth be told, how I served it toward the end of the week at a Christmas Party I provided food for my mom! (The lone “cooking position” I do every year – on the grounds that I can’t deny her!)

Wrap material/heating paper around “handle”, and bind with a strip (functional to clutch for cutting + looks pleasant);

Cover serving platter/board with green fluff or some likeness thereof. Anything that’s an acceptable incentive at the shops on the day;


Spot ham on the green cushion age and spot quartered oranges around it (for shading). Before I’ve additionally utilized cherries – just depends on what’s better an incentive on the day (oranges are normally acceptable worth!);


When the shimmering ham has been adequately respected (that’s right, I’m actually that youthful 😂), I begin cutting!

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